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Alfred & Lorraine

 Alfred Leavitt & Lorraine Dudley


FEB 25, 1949 - ALFRED WESLEY LEAVITT DIED - February 25, 1949


APR/MAY 1949 (?) - ALFRED & LORRAINE'S WEDDING - March - April 1949 - During the funeral leave.

NOV 9, 1949 - ALFRED'S MILITARY RELEASE - After 19 months of service.

NOV 27 - JAN 10 1950 - IMPREGNATION WINDOW - Obviously this coincides with Alfred's arrival home from the military.

JAN 1950 - SEPARATION - After being home 2 months Alfred came home from work and Lorraine had moved out.

AUG 29, 1950 - DANNY'S BIRTH - Danny McCurry is born.

??? BIRTH CERTIFICATE - Who is the Father listed on Danny's birth certificate?

??? DIVORCE - When was Alfred's & Lorraine's divorce finalized?

??? DECREE - If this was before/after the birth of Danny were their divorce provisions?

??? SETTLEMENT - Was the divorce settlement the lawyer issue that my sister Susan remembers Grandma Garner (Lola) talking about where it was determined that Alfred was not the father?

??? JAMES MCCURRY - When did James McCurry come into the situation? When did they meet? Become involved? Get engaged? Marriage?

??? WEDDING DATE - James and Lorraine

??? ADOPTED - Was Danny formally adopted?

???  OTHER BIRTHDATES - When were James, David and Sherry born to Lorraine and James McCurry?

FEB 23, 1951 - ALFRED & CAROLYN MEET - Alfred & Carolyn met in Eureka, Utah

MAY 12, 1951 - ENGAGED - Alfred & Caroly are engaged in Murray, Utah

OCT 13, 1951 - MARRIED - Alfred & Carolyn are married in Utah and moved on their honeymoon to Pasco, Washington where Lola Leavitt (Alfred's Mom) still lived.

SEP 15, 1952 - BIRTH SUSAN - Susan Leavitt was born in Pasco, Washington.



ALFRED SERVES IN KOREA - Alfred Lloyd Leavitt was serving in thr Korean conflict when he heard news that his father Alfred Wesley Leavitt was killed on his motorcycle.

ALFRED COMES HOME FOR FUNERAL - Alfred got leave from the military to come back to Pasco, Washington for the funeral (DIED February 25, 1949). He was delayed in Hawaii for three days and he had a fling with a girl running the bar/grill in paradise (Odd story to have been told).

ALFRED & LORRAINE WED - While at home for the funeral Alfred wed Lorraine Dudley. Did Alfred know Lorraine before he went into the military? Lorraine promised to take care of Alfred's blind mother Lola Beatrice Lewis (then Leavitt).

RETURNS TO MILITARY SERVICE - Alfred returned from the funeral to military service.

RETURNS TO PASCO - Something happened at home with Alfred's mom Lola and they allowed Dad (Alfred and the oldest son) early release from the military and he returned home to Lorraine.

BRICK FACTORY - Alfred got a job at the brick factory.

PREGNANT - One day while at work he returned home to find out that Lorraine had cleared out their home and left him with nothing. She was pregnant and claimed:

  • 1) MY MOTHERS MEMORY - that Alfred was not the father.
  • 2) ALFRED'S MEMORY - Lorraine claimed Alfred was not the Father.

The most predominant theme was that the dates did not line up and that Lorraine was having an affair while Alfred was away that resulted in the pregnancy. Obviously it was a he said, she said in those days and there was not type of DNA confirmation.

I have no reports on this end of why they broke up and divorced. Certainly an affair and disputed fathership would cause a lot of stress on any relationship. Add to that Lorraine was pregnant during the break-up and all sorts of emotions arise from pregnancy alone. Dad  (Alfred) was never very communicative with us while growing up, so I am certain he was not the best of communicators during the separation and divorce. We can speculate and create all types of scenarios, but this would be a great question to see if my Dad (Alfred) still has recollection. I also have no reports of long courtship. Dad (Alfred) was tall for the era (6'2"), he was good looking, and he reportedly had a good body, as Lorraine shared in the ensuing years.

CAB DRIVER - It was reported that the cab driver from the town had gotten Lorraine pregnant while Alfred was away in the military. After their divorce she married the cab driver Mr. McCurry and little was heard again. MOM'S ACCOUNT - There was never any request for child support. MY ACCOUNT - To hear my Grandmother (Lola) tell the story years ago to me, she said that Lorraine had agreed to marry Alfred while secretly hoping that he would soon be killed in Korea and she would get the military benefits. Grandma talked about the affair and the fact the dates did not line up with Alfred being home for the funeral. SISTER SUSAN'S ACCOUNT - Susan seems to remember that the reported IRS account below was actually Lola's hiring of a fancy lawyer to fight the child support case and end Lorraine's requests forever.

SECOND MARRIAGE - Alfred went to work for Dugway here in Utah and on a Friday night he came into the small mining town of Eureka, Utah and met Carolyn Spurrier. She was selling the tickets at the theater and she reports that when she saw Alfred afar off walking towards the theater that she said to he friend and coworker, "I'm going to marry that man!" They did marry and on their wedding night they started their move back to Pasco, Washington where Alfred's mother Lola lived.

FIRST CHILD - My oldest sister Susan was born in Pasco. September 15, 1952

IRS - My grandmother Lola was involved in a court case involving the IRS and it somehow involved Dad (Alfred) and Lorraine and my grandmother's hotel that she operated while Alfred Wesley Leavitt was still alive. The case was settled and supposedly all financial interests between Alfred and Lorraine was finished and that Lorraine received some financial consideration. I wish I knew more of those details, but there is never anymore mention of Lorraine since that IRS case on my side of the family.

LORRAINE DUDLEY'S CHILD - There are obviously a few different scenarios that are possible.

1) Alfred is the father of Lorraine's child and he never knew it. Either she did not tell him because she saw herself being well taken care of by the cab driver.
2) Alfred is not the father. This would have been a ball of lies if Lorraine was telling everybody in the later years that Alfred was the father. From my Mother's memory she gave birth and all credit was given to the cab driver. But did Lorraine always claim Alfred as the father? I do not know.

NOTE: It is interesting to note that Mom would have been in the same LDS ward as Lorraine because there was only one Ward in Pasco. Mom said that she never saw Lorraine at church during that era.

3) Or Alfred knew it and he refused to acknowledge it. Knowing my Dad and listening to some of his lectures over the years, he always seemed to be a stand up guy when it came to righting wrongs and offending others. It would be a great surprise to learn that he knew of a son and turned his back on his fatherly responsibilities.

NOTE: I do not know when the news of pregnancy of your Dad arose. Did my Dad (Alfred) know when he returned early from the military? Did he know when Lorraine left him? Or did it come to light after their separation? I bet it was the source of much contention between them and her ultimate leaving. If the child was not his, then whose was it? If it was his, then why the separation? Was their an affair while Dad (Alfred) was away serving? That would cause contention with or without a pregnancy? So what can we determine?... Isaac, you know your Dad's birthdate and my Mom can chase down my Dad's release date from the military. From that we can determine how far along she was when he returned from service. Have you got a divorce date Between Alfred and Lorraine? I do not and I don't think I have a lead on how to find one. It would be great to find those dates as well as the marriage date from my Mom to Alfred and Lorraine's marriage date with Mr. McCurry (Cab Driver). We could compare that with your Dad's birthdate and see the timeline. Is your father Mr. McCurry still alive?

From my side I have my Mother's remembrance and Dad (Alfred) is still alive, yet his faculties are diminishing as he is almost 88 years old. My youngest sister owns property in Hohenwald, Tennessee and Dad lives on the property. My Mother lives here in Orem, Utah. They divorced about 20 years ago.

Isaac, it is interesting documenting these different events. It will be fun meshing together our details and trying to figure out what really happened. DNA testing is always an option.  I would love to compare some photos of your Grandpa, your Dad, and my Dad and see where the resemblances start and stop. I would also love to document what you have been told over the years. And whether or not we are directly blood related, or just related by marriage/divorce, it is still pretty cool that our paths have crossed.





Birth:     Apr. 23, 1929
American Fork
Utah County
Utah, USA
Death:     Jan. 11, 2009
Benton County
Washington, USA

Desert Lawn Memorial Park
Benton County
Washington, USA


Lorraine Louise McCurry, 79 of Pasco, WA, passed away Sunday, January 11, 2009 in Tri Cities Chaplaincy Hospice House.

She was born Tuesday, April 23, 1929 in American Fork, Utah, Daughter of the late Charles L Dudley and the late Polly Colton.

She worked at Travel Lodge and Best Western Motels for several years and sold Avon for years.
She enjoyed being home with family and spending time in her garden. She loved being involved in the kids school, spending several hours in the class rooms of her kids.

She was a member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day-Saints and served as a Visiting Teacher for several years.

Surviving are her husband, James H McCurry; Sons, Danny (Georgia) McCurry of Highland, UT, James K McCurry of Pasco, WA, David L (Vicki) McCurry of Pasco, WA, Daughter, Sherry A (Jeffrey) Langston of Silverlake, WA; Sisters, Dorothy Wiberg of Kennewick, WA, Betty Hayes of American Fork, UT, Marian Campbell of Bremerton, WA, Gloria Edwards of Kennewick, WA, and 13 Grandchildren, 11 Great-Grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her Parents, Roy and Polly Dudley and brothers, Harvey and Burnell.


“Dan and Georgia and rest of family, My condolences on the loss of your dear Mother, Sister, Grandma, etc. Suzy ”
Posted by: Suzan Wiberg - Kennewick, WA

“Aunt Lorraine, I will miss you. I'll never forget how your voice sounds exactly like Grandma Wiberg! ”
Posted by: Brie Otto - Kennewick, WA


 Danny McCurry

McCurry Investments
11114 N 5730 W
American Fork, UT 84003
Phone: (801) 763-0128





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