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Weird Roof Snow Melt = Poor Insulation???

Weird Roof Snow Melt = Poor Insulation???
HOMEOWNER'S GUIDE TO SELF-DIAGNOSE INSULATION WOES It is bitter cold here in Northern Utah and this 2015-16 snow season is much greater than recent years. The snow, combined with the below freezing temperatures makes it rather easy to tell which homes have good insulation and which homes are severely lacking. This blog entry will give homeowners a way to self-diagnose attic insulation issues. NOTE: If you live in snow country, then you will love the following information. However, if you are my warm weather friends catching waves in 60 degree weather in Southern California, then you will find it amusing at best. WHAT DOES ATTIC INSULATION DO? Attic insulation is designed to help keep the temperature inside the home constant. We spend lots ...
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