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Thanks for visiting the new website. For years I have concentrated on the business end of web design and thought it was about time to secure my own domain name and build it with the more personal side of my life.

What is also really cool is that I can also post some of the incredible photos from years gone by like this cute one of Adam & Haily during those days when the 2 year younger sister looked to be exactly the same age.


I look forward to sharing my blogging thoughts on this website in my "Make It A Great Day!" blog. I often take the time to write personal and family thoughts, but I have not had a real good place to spotlight the thoughts. If you would like to climb inside my head, then this is a direct gateway to my innermost thoughts and feelings. So whether I am capturing events of the day, trials of the day, or flashing back on memories of the past, I promise to shoot a straight shot, albeit with a positive spin in an effort to help "Make It A Great Day!"   BLOG LINK

My personal website would not be complete without a photo section since I take at least 50,000 photos each year. It is a rare moment to find without a camera or video camera attempting to capture some memory. Think about it, when have you ever seen me without one? If I am in the water I use the waterproof. If I'm indoors at a play I've got the telephoto. This should become an excellent place to spotlight many of those memories.

The Leavitt family is very artistic. Some doodle, some sketch, and then there is Haily. Talk about a divine gift being manifested through a hard working young lady. She devotes thousands of hours to her craft, yet others look on with envy seeing how great and easy she makes it look. Her website shows off lots of her work and even has an online order form that allows you to commission her to create a masterpiece for you.



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