1978 Kawasaki Snow Shovel Rack - Vintage!!!

I doubt there are very many of my friends who are the proud owners of a 1978 Vintage Kawasaki Snow Shovel Rack. This one is restored and features new tires, brakes, and even a newly installed muffler and tail pipe. We are not certain how many shovels it can hold, but it currently sports three different models and shows no signs of sagging or failure.

VALUE: Priceless, so don't even ask. It was restored for my oldest son Adam to thrash, and now my youngest son Aaron has claimed possession.

INTERPRETATION: For my Southern Californa friends, a "snow shovel" is a large shovel used to move white stuff we call snow. They are stored in a convenient spot near the front door or the garage so that so can clear a pathway to your vehicle. It requires budgeting an extra half hour before you can leave to go anywhere.


Welcome to Utah!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah - Michael@TheHomeInspector.com