ML2014January 20, 2019 - It was awesome heading outdoors in the 24 degree cold night weather to watch the moon go from beautiful and full to a complete lunar eclipse featuring a blood red hue. I walked outside and set up chairs, tripods, cameras, and video to capture this event at 7:23 PM, knowing it was to start at 7:36.  The blood red photos were best captured at 10 PM. Yep, that is 2.5 hours later. Due to the cold, I am most thankful for polar fleece pants, robe, gloves, and the warmest hat ever... The "Floyd" hat was a Christmas gift from Shelly this year, and she hit a home run with this investment in my warmth!

I love celestial events... I believe that more people should take the time to head outside and watch the night sky. It helps provide balance and a clear sense of order in our universe. There are many people I know that have lost track of the fact that they are children of our Heavenly Father that loves them. This is making their lives much more difficult than it needs to be. Tonight I was blessed with clear skies over Northern Utah and the ability to watch His celestial light show and feel of His power and glory. As a result, I have a renewed sense of confidence to attack the challenges set before me.

Know that you are loved... Make it a great day!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah