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There’s No Upside...

Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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 Coach Play

***WARNING - Strong Outburst Language

Wow, I am just rewatching this for the first time and it played out just as I thought I had remembered it. What I am reliving is my feelings and reactions to this rather tame moment that led up to the outburst by the coach. I made the call... It was wrong. I was asked to go for help. When the crew came together and put all the views and information together, I could see that I focused wrongly on the play at first and I changed my call based on the more complete information. The coach had pent up anger from the prior inning that he was harboring towards the plate umpire. Instead of letting it go, he opted to let that fester and my bad call only heightened his pain. NOTE: If one wonders why new umpires are harder and harder to find, just re-watch the video.

MY QUESTIONS - So... "In what part of the universe is that outburst deemed appropriate by the coach? And what call would I have had to blow to justify the verbal assault?" Is the simple reversal of a call based on more complete information grounds for this?... No way?

MY RESOLVE - Could I have handled this play and call-reversal differently? Absolutely. I should have immediately pulled my partners together before just going to the wrong one first, Yep, my bad. My plate umpire is the one charged with whether or not a foot was pulled, yet I went over to U2 first... That was a dumb heat of the moment action on my part. I can tell that I was trying to replay the actual play over and over in my head. I realized that I thought I had an errant uncaught throw deflected off the first baseman's glove towards the dugout fence that pulled the first baseman away, yet when all was said and done she actually caught the ball and when I looked at the foot I thought it was pulled. Errant throw, big stretch, she actually catches it, and I was way out of focus and made the obvious wrong call... But did it justify this rage and outburst? Absolutely not.

COACH JUSTIFICATION - How does one justify this coach's actions? Why should this coach be allowed within the confines of the USA Softball ballfields? Why should teen players be exposed to the verbal rant? Something is really, really wrong when this occurs. I was left feeling stunned by the anger exuded by the assistant coach. I realize that he doesn't think of himself as the assistant coach, but in that game, he was not the one at the plate meeting and he was comfortably in the shade of his dugout during both the offensive and defensive halves of the innings. As an assistant coach, he had no right to storm the field. In fact, nobody ever should be allowed to behave like this in public, especially a coach of youth sports. But that is my opinion. Is there any real penalty in your last game of a tournament to be tossed? Not really. I can't remember any tales of carry-over, you must sit out a game type penalty. But seriously, is a one-game suspension really all this outburst is worth? If I did not have the video of what really happened, then this would just be another written note on the back of a lineup card that may or may not have been followed up with a written report by the plate umpire. It would be a passing memory, with most just saying, "Oh, there goes Coach #$%^% again," followed by the rolling of their eyes. Wait, that is what a player on the opposing team said to me between innings. Sadly, that meant that he had done this before and this was not a one-time event.

TIMING - This all transpired in just the second inning of the semi-final loser goes home winner goes to the championship game. It was the first batter of that inning. This outburst occurred 30 minutes into the game with 45 minutes still to play. This was not the tense game-changing momentum-killing shanked call that every coach dreads. If he were to admit it, if there was no pulled foot, then his runner was out. Why would a coach choose to toss himself over this play? It makes no sense.

MY FEELINGS - Yes, I was stunned by the outburst. I was internally injured by the venom that spewed forth. I was dumbfounded at how personal and unprofessional this outburst became. He was truly mad. He was harboring pent up anger. In fact, it was as though there was a complete chemical imbalance and what should have been a 2 or 3 in discomfort was a 13 on the scale of 1 to 10. This was not a feeble outburst meant to fire up his team so that he would go watch the rest of the game from his air-conditioned car. Nope, these feelings and sentiments were real to him. His actions were meant to inflict emotional wounds inside our souls. And thus, they inflicted very deep wounds in me. I was taken back to the emotional scars earlier verbal abuse as a child from others due to alcoholism and raging adult verbal abuse from pain medications that allowed others to beat down my soul... And while some thrive in direct confrontations, I prefer to back down and avoid direct fights at all costs. But then I am left with the emotional aftermath, but I am probably the only one who understands what I am currently typing. Yes, this is my self-therapy where I get it out in words so that I can deal with it, set it aside, and move forward... Whew!

MY INITIAL REACTIONS - Prior to watching this video footage, I could not remember how I reacted at the time. Instead, I was left feeling the guilt and pain from his verbal assault on our crew. I remember that I felt like the "World's Worst Umpire!" And yet, in hindsight, it was really not that much of a play to define my self-worth or lack thereof. I remember that I felt like I had let my crew down by inserting us into what should have been a routine play made with no fanfare. Letting them down is one of the worst things I ever want to do and a low point for me in this particular tournament. I felt really, really, really small, yet I knew that we still had an important game to officiate. In normal games, I would just shake it off and move on, but I was stuck in the heat of a long afternoon emotional funk that left me torturing myself inside the rest of the game, to the point that I really just wanted to walk off the field in shame. It was craziness on my part, but I could not shake it off... Wow!

IN SUMMARY - I feel bad for the coach. I cannot understand why he was this upset with our 3-umpire crew. I cannot understand how he can justify acting this way in public. I cannot understand how he can face his players, the opposing team, the fans, and our 3-umpire crew without an apology. Yes, as the officials, we were at the brunt of his personal issues. I really do not - did not - want to be in his presence on the ballfields again, even though I have an important job to do. I should not be considering backing out of upcoming tournaments for a while as a result, yet when I woke up this morning that was my resolve. It is true, I do not like this type of confrontation and do my best to not have it erupt in my games. I have to own my mistakes and in this case the blown call. But I also have to feel safe and be able to work in an environment where I can make mistakes, own up to them, and right my wrongs wherever possible. If I have one shining moment, it is that I did not retaliate back towards the coach. I am most thankful for my two partners who stepped up in a big way and help get the offender off of the ballfield so that the game could continue. As for me, I am looking heavenward for a dose of the "Balm of Gilead" that will help soothe, my injured soul... I can't even imagine how the coach is feeling.


Make it a great game! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

NOTE: I apologize for the offensive language in this video, but this is the unvarnished event that transpired.


These were copied over from the original Facebook feed.

Shayla Olson - ?

Duane Kearsley - Let’s see the play that leads up to this.

Ashley Buswell Larsen - Doesn’t excuse the behavior but I am also curious about the play that led up to this.

Michael Leavitt - The actual mundane play at first, or the full count inside through the batter's box pitch where the batter leaned her thigh into it and our plate umpire thrust his hands in the air while yelling, "Dead ball, ball four, take your base!"? The coach blew up from the dugout complaining about the horrible call and how it should have been strike 3 and that she leaned into it. It was a no-brainer easy call that was spot on. Has it been on a 2-2 count, then it would have been a dead ball, ball and the batter would have remained in the box with a 3-2 count. We don't reward players for leaning into pitches, but when the ball comes through the batter's box we do not penalize them either. I guess that the bigger question is, what play would you have to see on video to justify this outburst?

Lance Gibson - Michael Leavitt - his daughter was the one the call went against. Her and her sister are umpires as well as the short stop and one of their pitchers. They have 4 girls that are or have been umpires on that team.

Michael Leavitt - Lance Gibson - - Then all four of them knew I got the original call wrong! ?

Rick Wehling - I find even if you would've reminded the coaches during the pregame conference that everyone can make mistakes but don't go to screaming and cursing it still doesn't mean they wont do just that....I remember Ray Tony Salazar n Charlie Cash telling me that changing your call can lead to blood in the water. But the important thing is that y'all did what the coaches ask for and then you got the right call and changed it knowing that one or more coaches would not be happy . yet you still made the right call in the end...I sometimes remind the coaches that sometimes you get what you were afraid of when you wash an umpire to go for help.

Greg Merrill - Lance Gibson - Why does whose daughter it is play into it? My daughter was playing first, so should I have lost my cool and gone off when he first called her safe? And there hasn't been one lick of evidence that the call of out was incorrect. Isn't that why they have 3 umpires, so that they can ask for assistance? And whats the likely hood that a coach that disagrees with a call like this would hesitate to ask for assistance when it could go their way?

Lance Gibson - Greg Merrill - now you’re acting like him. I didn’t say he was correct. But as an umpire most calls that are close the parent loses it. I think he’s wrong in every aspect of it. I was just saying he probably went off more because he’s one of the parents/coaches that make it personal. I had him last week in Logan I called his daughter out at first and he kept shaking his head at me for three pitches. Maybe you’re one of the better parents that understand the game. Me as an umpire if I blow a call and my partner tells me I’m wrong I have no issue changing the call because it’s not about me. I believe it’s about the girls. Everything I seen I believe the right call was made.



Lance Gibson - But I did erase earlier post that may have explained I thought he was wrong. Even if the call was wrong.

Greg Merrill - Lance Gibson - No, the point being that it doesn't matter whose kid it is. These you ladies are on the verge of softball becoming a job and paying for school. Parents that go into Wendys and yell at their kids manager end up on youtube, as did this here. Parents need to step away, on and off the diamond.

Lance Gibson - I agree with you. But you cannot tell me you haven’t seen a parent react to a call that went against their kid. When I coached I always ask the parents when their kids are in school are they sitting there screaming at the teacher when their child misses a question on a test. They’d always say no. I’d always ask why is it ok here? Steve was wrong in every single way. The worst thing is his kids are probably embarrassed by his behavior

Greg Merrill - Lance Gibson - Agree 100% And I think that with older teams parents are less tolerant of overreactions. You can't hear in the video the calls from the outfield to "throw him out". Bush league actions from the parents and coaches should have been weeded out long ago.

Lance Gibson - Greg Merrill - oh you thought I was giving him an excuse.

Greg Merrill - Lance Gibson - What was amazing was going to the showcases and it being dead silent from the spectators. No one wanted to give their kid a black eye in front of a college coach.

Greg Merrill - And there was one there watching that game.

Lance Gibson - Greg Merrill - hope the adrenaline girls are already signed

Lance Gibson - Greg Merrill - wish I could have seen that college coaches reaction

Lance Gibson - Something even crazier Steve says he’s going to join the umpires one day. Lol

Jon McKenney - First of all, it's not overturned from judgment it’s overturned from knowledge the foot stayed on. (Edited for clarity)

Ron Osborn - Albert Slaughter - Gilbert S. Maestas - hey isnt this your fodd friend Steve

Greg Merrill
0:00 / 0:06


Greg Merrill - Ball in glove, foot on bag, runner foot in air.


Greg Merrill - And what does it say about the comments, that you should have stuck with the call even if it was wrong?

Michael Leavitt - If it was a multiple runner situation, then there are times where a call cannot be changed. With no runners on and a blatant missed call, then set the universe right and draw upon the expertise of all 3 officials. My view made me think the ball was originally uncaught with the wayward throw. I know when I nail a call. I also know when my focus on the key elements of the play is off. This was one of those times. Let's get it right and play ball. NOTE: In multiple runner situations, there are times that the error must be swallowed because setting one thing right affects every other runner and situation. "Coach, I blew it, but it cannot be changed. I know, I know, I will refocus and do better." This, however, was a very straight-forward play and call change. Let's all be grown-ups and play some more ball.

Cari Hansen - Hi Mike! I’m so sorry you have to deal with coaches and fans losing their cool. My 16 year old son has started umping UPG games and it makes me nervous that adults will treat him this way. He has thick skin, but I still worry as his mom. Do you have any advice to give him?

Michael Leavitt - Yes, baseball for teenagers is destructive and few make it through unscathed. What we deem outrageous in girl's accelerated softball is the norm on the baseball diamonds. In fact, they are about 10 times worse. My recommendation is to come to the softball side and hone the game management skills here. He can still do baseball, but he will easily see the differences in the coaches and the parents. NOTE: Baseball destroyed both of my sons. At age 22, Aaron will never come back to officiating due to irate Mothers at 10-12U baseball games that destroyed and incredible talent. Yes, Aaron was our best official in the Leavitt family household. In those years, the girl's softball was rather deplorable except for the elite teams and we never gave umpiring softball a second thought. Adam, at age 23 came back (at my request/urging), and he has really had a good time in both USA Softball and high school. Listen to your son and let him vent, without providing him solutions. Last night, my lovely wife Shelly just listened to me for over an hour. Why? She knew that I was torn up inside. She listens, she knows I love it, and she gives me gentle encouragement to get back out there on the ballfields and give it another go. Send him my way and let him know that the accelerated league starts up in Orem in two weeks and I would love to have him out there on the Windsor fields as my partner! Success breeds more success, and destructive comments easily destroy young umpires. We work 3-games a night typically Monday through Thursday in both 14U and 18U high school feeder teams from as far away as Emery. He will probably be searching for ways to make money umpiring now that most baseball leagues are winding down.

Darren-Lisa Bentley Cole - Michael Leavitt - Totally agree. I got so I hated baseball. Some fellow officials convinced me to try softball. There are still too many incidents like this--but the number and severity pale in comparison to baseball. Let's face it. Girls are nicer.

Dave Trop - Michael Leavitt - maybe thats just local. My son has played BB since he was 7. He is now 18. Havent seen the behavior you talk about; i do HS SB and do some club BB at the same age, and it doesnt seem particularly different in terms of sportsmanship to me (as in both are generally fine).
I am sorry the experience was so negative for your son.

Michael Leavitt - Dave Trop - That all transpired about 8 years ago as I was both coaching and umpiring baseball. What the adults (fans and coaches) don't fully realize is that their verbal jabs, attacks, and outburst really do have a long term effect, especially on the youth within earshot and eyesight. Aaron will most likely never return, but Adam's reintegration has been a wonderful blessing and bonding... It was like I was the father watching the horizon waiting with a fatted-calf celebration when we walked back onto the ballfields together.

Dave Trop - Michael Leavitt - well, that crap from the spectators does make it less fun for sure. If I am working with a minor partner (or supervising a game as a UIC with a minor working the game) I just dont allow that. The game stops and the adult shouting abuse at a child must be dealt with, right now.

Michael Leavitt - Dave Trop - - Unfortunately, in our successful local city-based Pony Baseball leagues, most league games feature two sub-16 year old officials with little training. My involvement in helping training and working games with the younger officials was done to help prevent issues. Parents and coaches acted as though they were entitled to top-tier umpires. I still remember the mother of a 9-year old named Bronco. Each time we called strike three on him, she let us know how wrong we were and how we were affecting his lifetime batting average and chances for MLB draftability... And she was serious!

Dave Trop - Michael Leavitt - wow. We use youth umpires for LL but any spectator who behaved like that would get an immediate chat with a Board member, and if they didnt stop, they game would be stopped until they leave...

Michael Leavitt - Yes, I previously referenced the general lack of policing of the stands by the facilities here in Northern Utah. But this is because it is typically pretty mundane. I have no idea who actually made sure the coach was out of sight and sound, but I heard loud voices while it was taking place off in the trees behind the dugout and backstop. There were no post-game issues with coaches or fans and I retrieved my backstop camera and headed to our Blue pavilion with only discussions amongst our crew. I guess the key for other umpires watching this video is to determine what your actions would have been as either the PU or U2 after U1 made the call reversal. Both the PU in blue and the U2 in white reacted perfectly.

Richard Doherty - Professional

Michael Leavitt - Yes, he proved himself a true rarity!

Michael Leavitt - As for me, I obviously shanked the call! ?

Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - We wanna see the play!! That’s not a judgment call that’s factual foot on or off? The plate umpire has the perfect view for that call IMO. Geezz Steve I thought he had calmed down in his older age??‍♀️

Lance Gibson - Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - look up a little in these comments and there is a video and a still pic (Edited for clarity)

Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - Lance Gibson - I saw that one. Looks out to me!! Micheal has said that there was a play prior to this that Steve was holding on to and he got really huffy that’s the one I’m talking about ?

Lance Gibson - Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - where they think the girl leaned into the pitch? I haven’t seen it. But I think he lost his shot because it went against his daughter

Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - Lance Gibson - yes that one. I wonder if he blew up then? He’s a passionate coach that’s for sure heat and adrenaline 2 of some of the best teams in Utah but it was a really good game!!

Lance Gibson - Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - I like watching the adrenaline they are good and the girls are good people.

Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - Lance Gibson - yes they are and so is the Heat. It’s always a good, competitive game when those teams are on the field!

Matt Logan - It would help if the coaches knew what we are responsible for on that play. It was done the proper way, no doubt.

Carolyn Leavitt - Sorry you had to go through that outburst and especially that it brought back unfavorable memories from your childhood. I’m very proud of you and your high standards and accomplishments!!!! ♥️ Mom

James Anderson - This coach is so far out of line it is ridiculous. I understand being competitive and maybe saying something you regret later. But this guy just lost control of his emotions. This is what happens when you lose sight of who this game is for. The girls!!! Not the coaches or other adults. Sorry you got the brunt of that melt down Mike. If the coach wants to know who was an engagement he only needs to look in the mirror.

Kelley Adam Yakiwchuk - Come on Michael - “world’s worst umpire” that you are not!! Every single one of us has made a bad call more than once!!! At the end of the day all that really matters is that we get the call right for the sake of the game and the girls, right? ?

James Anderson - After watching the video again and hearing what the first base coach said it's apparent they were not concerned with the call being correct but having the outcome go their way.

Jesse Crossett
I think the announcers were very fair in this discussion. I think more people need to realize that this isn’t “just part of the game.” In fact this is what is going to kill the game. An umpire’s number one responsibility is to the integrity of the game. It amazes me how often people criticize me for making sure the rules are adhered to and how little most people know about the rules. Just yesterday I had a team harass my partner and I for calling a runner out on appeal for missing a base. They said, “If you saw it how come you didn’t call it right away?” It amazed me that parents of a high caliber 16u team had no idea how an appeal worked. If they don’t understand such a simple principle then what other essential aspects of the game would be lost if all umpires decided to quit (or if we can’t get new ones when the older ones move on). If people keep treating umpires like this the game will die. It’s already not being played because people are losing interest... so less people to play it and less people to protect it will result in it’s demise. My job is more than calling balls and strikes; it’s my job to preserve history and the game I love for the future. I love umpiring baseball and would love to get more people involved but no one ever takes my invitation to come help and it’s because of people like the ones in this video, it’s just not worth dealing with these situations.
Mike thank you for all of your help in my career and know that you have been a great example to me. You always show up with a smile and with compassion. Also last night I was dying to get my hands on some of your awesome spray when I took a foul ball straight to the back of the hand! Hahahaha
Texas to Tomlinson - Pep Talk for Tough Times

Michael Leavitt - Thanks for sharing that with me Jesse. I know that you and I both approach with serious professionalism. It is not just a passing fancy.

Dave Trop - Jesse Crossett - you are spot on. Abuse of officials is an issue in EVERY sport.... there is something wrong with a lot of people.

Cindy Angus Dale - Was this you, James and Casey?

Michael Leavitt - Not to name drop, but being on the field with those two umpires was awesome! I truly was the weakest link! ?

Cindy Angus Dale - Michael Leavitt - maybe second to Casey, but I think you are all great

James Magill - Cindy Angus Dale - yes it was

Greg Merrill - This is the play in question where it was said she leaned in. That's the best I can do as far as showing the edge of the plate with the software I have on hand. The line is off the plate.
0:00 / 0:27

VIDEO......... See Facebook stream... FACEBOOK

Michael Leavitt - Awesome video Greg. The issue seemed to be the movement into the pitch to insure getting on base. Casey ruled immediately and correctly that it was a dead ball ball, and when you add one ball to a full count you get a walk to first base with no chance of increasing it to second. She was not awarded first due to being hit. She received her fourth ball in a painful way. There was no reason for the outburst like that on the hit batter, especially from the shade of the third-base dugout. I can't find anything earlier in the game to be upset over, other than the reason the bases were loaded in the first place. Yes, up to that point, his girls had a little wild streak in them... And I have several videos of those... But that is no reason to come out telling an umpire to shut up and calling them a coward (for whatever reason that has not yet been identified). The plate umpire has no real previous issues. We know of no prior baggage on our part. And that is why none of this made any logical sense.

Greg Merrill - Michael Leavitt - It shows how things that aren't really issues can snowball because of how they are perceived.

Michael Leavitt - Greg Merrill - Thanks for your time invested in this Greg. You are a good man!

Marianne Gardner-Smith - Well I’m impressed CC stayed calm I would not have?

Cindy Angus Dale - Marianne Gardner-Smith - I’ve seen him eject several people for various reasons. He does stay extremely calm when doing it...great quality

Victor Billings - Hey Michael, I just wanted to thank you for being an umpire and sharing your videos and knowledge. You didn’t deserve this in any way and I loved it when you would ump our games. I hope this moment doesn’t drag you down.

Michael Leavitt - You are very kind. It has been an emotional day for a lot of reasons. The blowup did not help, but I am reflecting on our youngest son and he just came back from his honeymoon and climbed in his car with my wonderful new daughter-in-law Moriah Dill Leavitt and they had to leave prior to my getting to hug them goodbye... Why? I was busy putting up with this type of stuff in Spanish Fork. Looking back, I should rearrange my priorities... I did not find out they had to leave until I was driving away from the complex... Pushing back tears again!

Victor Billings - Michael, yeah that makes it harder. Maybe give them a video call so you can see his face!

Mark Woodmansee - I finally had enough of a coach this summer nitpicking and moaning and groaning on just about every close ball/strike call along with close plays in the field that I went over to him and started calling him out of his poor coaching skills and wanted to know why his team was making routine fielding errors, leaving kids on the bases, etc. He looked stunned as I called out his poor coaching performance. I told him if he thought he was going to nitpick my job I was going to do the same back. Was that the correct thing to do? probably not, did I feel better walking away from him? absolutely yes.

Michael Leavitt - Yeah, I don't think I will find that method in the "Good Umpiring Tips" book, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut and come in there with an unexpected left hook! ?

Kelley Kaloi - Great job guys! Team work perfect

Michael Ford - Toss him !
Don’t let coaches ACT like that ....

Chad Carpenter - Oh man!!! It was worse watching it Michael. If it makes you feel any better he was planning on getting tossed and that’s why he went ballistic earlier when they didn’t get a strike call. I don’t know how you can’t be affected in a small way by something like this. I know I would be. And it wasn’t warranted. Steve is a good guy and passionate as a coach and sometimes us passionate coaches get a little too passionate. I always feel good knowing we have umpires like that crew you guys had to take charge and get us back to playing ball. Thanks Michael for being a great ump who is dedicated to your craft. I know coaches appreciate it even when we don’t agree with a call. Lol.

Dave Trop - Chad Carpenter - ‘a little too passionate.’ I hear that a lot, usually from grown men setting a bad example for children of how to resolve conflict and disagreement.
Don’t let that guy off the hook for behaving like that. It wasnt ‘a little too passionate.’ It was ‘has no business leading an activity for children.’

Michael Leavitt - Dave, the coach is a good man and I have worked dozens of his games over the years. I think we all have our moments and this was his. It is unfortunate that this happened, but I encourage each of us to assess our involvement and contributions and figure out how we can resolve to be better people. I would never want him defined by this on-video moment. Instead, let's remember the tens of thousands of volunteer man-hours invested by him and his coaching staff in the lives of those girls on the field. Was it a major moment? Absolutely. But being on the receiving end, I know that was not the real person and that he is really filled with goodness. Let's watch the dust to settle and allow all of those involved to figure it out and allow us room to make amends and improvements where possible.

Chad Carpenter - Michael Leavitt - And your response about Steve is exactly why you are the good man you are. I know how much you put into what you do and is why I am USUALLY good about any call you make. Lol. I had a bit of a moment myself that game later on and had to step back a second and get back to leading the kids. And they came through which was pretty awesome. Because the game was a GREAT game. No doubt about it!

Dave Trop - Michael Leavitt, every person has a ‘calm self’ and a ‘stress self.’ This coach may be a good person when calm. So might be great with kids at practice etc. but under stress- a different story. He appears to have a serious anger management issue - and totally unprovoked.

Michael Leavitt - Chad Carpenter - - Yeah, did I become overfocused, or what. That next call that went against you in the next inning must have been to 'test' your character. ? Did you pass the test? You probably realized that I hadn't yet shaken off the earlier inning and let me off a bit easier than you initially desired. Right or wrong, that second call certainly started off a crazy half-inning that saw a lot of runs scored against you. In hindsight, my biggest personal disappointment was my lack of ability at that time to just shake it off. So if you see me at upcoming games and ask me what I am working on, it will my striving to refocus and handle each play anew. I will be ready to climb the new mountains instead of lugging around the old ones!

Emily Pierce - We saw a few ridiculous outbursts from coaches yesterday. A 14u coach was ejected from the park. I admit I get upset at calls but this guy had 4 teams, parents and families watching this temper tantrum. It was embarrassing for everyone ?. You and the other umps do your best and we thank you for showing up and letting these girls play. Especially during COVID-19. Thanks for all you do and it wouldn't be the same without you!!!

Darren-Lisa Bentley Cole - 3-hour game early in the morning. And that last call at home was spot-on. I usually shake off a coach's bad behavior and rarely remember things when I have them again. But that one will be hard to forget.

Jon McKenney - I personally don’t see any leaning into it . Looks like she may have gone forward in trying to avoid being hit but no intention to lean into it

Scott Webb - What was the puzzel question from the defensive teams coach that made you ask your partner for help?

Mike Insalaco - That Adrenaline coach is one of the worst coaches of all time. When we were in Portland at a softball showcase other teams were sharing bad experiences that they had with him and his team. He makes Utah fastpitch softball look bad.

Dan Weikle - Two strong reasons to eject. He rushed the umpire from the mound. Called him a coward. Profanity heard by the stands. Why does he do this?
Maybe because he get away with it? Doesn’t matter if there’s another game in then tournament or not. An ejection was in order
or at least a warning. Who was the gent in the white shirt involved in the umpire conference?
BTW- engaging the base coach in conversation only allows that coach to fire off another volley which should have earned a warning or ejection as well but since the umpire initiated and kept at it, that’s kind of off the table.

Cindy Angus Dale - Dan Weikle - what mound? I do not see a mound in that field. And I don’t think that was a baseball tournament. Three umpires, three colors. White, pink and powder. Often done late in bracket play with three umpires.

DELETED MESSAGE 8/12 - Skeet Pay - I’ve seen him coach for years he’s not a good coach and treats people and players very poor.

DELETED MESSAGE 8/10 - Ashleigh Lamoreaux - He isn’t a good coach?... can you name to me what he does to people and players to be very poor?
I’m just pointing out that the adrenaline have an amazing record and have traveled around the country to different states playing different level of softball rather through the typical average Utah talent. Adrenaline has been one of the best teams to go around through the state and has tons of talent in and out of the team as along with a fun team to play with. I’m sorry that he takes the game passionately because he considers EVERY one of those girls on the field one of his daughters. He has taken multiple girls to tournaments because parents have not been able to and even supported financially helping pay for food and drinks throughout tournaments to girls who didn’t have anyone their for them. Yes maybe the words to an umpire were a little harsh but get your mind out of a typical Utah mindset and stop thinking OH MY GOD HE SWORE ?. Get over it. If anybody has traveled outside of Utah you will see ALOT worse from coaches and teams then a simple swear word thrown at you.
There could’ve been so much more to this video then just what you seen from this coach, and who knows what led to it. I’ve seen multiple times where umpires make asinine calls and RUIN games and make teams LOSE games because of “Mistakes”. I’m sorry but coaches put their heart and soul into this teams for years and hours on end and time from their family and jobs to coach and make teams great and win tournaments. So when umpires make “mistakes” it’s gonna be heated. So if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen and find a new career path.
And to post something as such is childish and beyond me you are looking for attention. Are you going to whine every time someone “yells” at you. Get over it. #adrenaline yup yup yup????
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Anyone else can tag the adrenaline family ?

Mike Barry - Incredibly lame of that coach. You handled yourself well.

Don Young - At the end of the day it's just a game that the girls love, obviously this was taken a little too far. Thank you for your time and the effort you put into umpiring. The game needs you and many more like you. You were always full of class when you worked any of our teams games, Thank you!

Sean Norman- I was accused of taking the game away from a coach's girls when I called his batter 'out' for being out of the box when she hit the ball. "And how could you make that call in the semi-finals?"
Coach, what about the defense, should they not get the out they earned? And really, it doesn't matter which game it is in the tournament. In my case, it just happened that it was a single that scored 2 in a game that they ended up losing 1 to 0. Of course, they were scoring as I was yelling, "Dead Ball!" (comment edited for clarity)

Edwin Bills - I want to win just as much as the next coach, but we need to respect this beautiful game. ????

Stephen Cutler - Terrible

Michael Leavitt - AND FINALLY - The coach is a good man and I have worked dozens of his games over the years. I think we all have our moments and this was his. It is unfortunate that this happened, but I encourage each of us to assess our involvement and contributions and figure out how we can resolve to be better people. I would never want him defined by this on-video moment. Instead, let's remember the tens of thousands of volunteer man-hours invested by him and his coaching staff in the lives of those girls on the field. Was it a major moment? Absolutely. But being on the receiving end, I know that was not the real person and that he is really filled with goodness. Let's watch the dust to settle and allow all of those involved to figure it out and allow us room to make amends and improvements where possible.

Jared Wood - I thought those types of things only happened in OYB. Not sure why you felt bad and even questioned your skills and experience as an umpire to even consider not continuing in the tournament. We all know that umpires make mistakes as well as coaches, players and parents of the game. It's part of the game. At the end of the day you did the right thing and got the umpiring crew together and made the right call. This obviously isn't the first emotional outburst you've dealt with from a coach and certainly won't be the last. Keep your head high (easy for you to do, it's always high) and don't take those outbursts personal. Don't let some hot tempered assistant coach that clearly doesn't know his role keep you from doing the great job you do!

Michael Leavitt - Very kind words, Jared. I guess you're right when just by my standing up I am holding my head high. What some can't fathom is the emotions felt on Day 3 of a tournament in the heat of the late afternoon, and in this case, a loser goes home semi-final game. We all are dealing with the stress of the game, the required ability to focus and get each call and rotation right, and the desire to never let down our umpiring crew. As umpires, we must love the challenge as we find ourselves out there most weekends from February through November.

Jason Gifford - The fact you can go back, watch what transpired, review behaviors, and conclude where change and growth can occur is a great blessing. Growth is what it's all about and that includes officials, coaches, and players. Thanks for your example of seeking the truth with the intent to become better.

Tj Kelly - Who is that old guy in white?

Michael Leavitt - Thou shalt not mock the great white hunter, James Magill. Mocking James may bring two she bears out from the forest and leave you wishing you hadn't made any fun of his age (2Kings 2: 23-24). BTW, James will not be in Heber this coming weekend. Why? Because he will once again be off hunting big game in the mountains. Whether with a handgun, shotgun, rifle, or bow, James is always successful stalking and getting his prey. I am most thankful that he has incredible self-control and he leaves all of his weapons back in his truck while umpiring. ?

James Magill - Tj Kelly - not sure!! And ugly too

Tj Kelly - James Magill - well I wasn't going to get personal about your looks!

Rob Monson - Hmm, maybe I should become an umpire.

Michael Leavitt - Typed with tongue firmly placed in cheek... And I completely understand your real decision. Kind of hard to encourage those newly interested that watch the video to submit their applications.

Rob Monson - Oh, I love it when idiots like that try to force their will upon me. Their angst feeds my soul.

Anthony R. Parks - Judgement about the timing can’t be corrected, but a pulled (or not pulled) foot can absolutely be corrected by home plate umpire in a situation like that. He’s got a 90 and you don’t, so asking for help is the right thing to do when uncertain and he should only overturn it if absolutely certain.

The coach is ejected for what he said & if I was the tournament rep I’d likely suspend him for multiple games. You can’t haul off and just start calling people cowards when they are asked for help and confirm what they saw.

Also, the 1st base coach is a cry sack and needs to quit feeling sorry for himself.

He actually believes you umpires are against his team? Seriously? I hope this team doesn’t let him give the talk about mental toughness.

I like how both coaches wouldn’t actually say they thought the call was wrong just that they didn’t like that it changed. So their suggestion is that the call should have just stated incorrect even though correctable? Weak.

Lastly, I’m hoping we can have more film. It holds umpires and coaches more accountable.






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