3AM Longboarding Road Rash

Adam fell that men might be...

The phone rang, and as I listened to Shelly on the other end, it was not good. Apparently our 20 year old son Adam was  long boarding down Skyline Drive in Orem and he took a horrific crash.

"I need to go pick up Adam. He has crashed on a long board and is really hurt," say Shelly. I was sooooo groggy that she asked if I couldn't watch 1-year-old Max while she went to make the rescue. Yes, max was staying the night and attempting to sleep in our bed. That is interesting, to say the very least.

So many questions came to my mind...

But maybe it was the adrenalin masking any major breaks or concussions. Sure enough, Adam came bounding into our bedroom both laughing and jovial.  he was still in shock and adrenalin was racing through his veins.


ADAM IS AMAZING - Yes, Heavenly Father is very protective of Adam and this situation was no exception. All of the years of tumbling, flipping, and diving literally saved him from what could have been even more tragic. Adam wobbled out, knew he was hosed, couldn't find a lawn and found himself launching forward and tumbling over his shoulder through a full flip and then springing to his feet where he slid at least 10 feet in skating fashion to a stop as though he was then to raise his hand above his head and yell, "Ta Daaa!"

Looking at Adam in the buff and seeing road rash from minor to serious at nearly every major joint was quite difficult. I know the pain he will be feeling in the coming days.


Upon hearing this, it would be logical to presume that Adam was just out being crazy with friends.  After all, 20-year-olds do crazy things. Instead, Adam had been out with friends and one got sick so Adam volunteered to drive his friend home and then would just long board home. Of course, his male friend's family lives high on the NE hill in Orem, and our place is on the valley floor. So all of this was done in Good Samaritan fashion, which has come to be expected of Adam. He often finds himself in interesting situations, but they are of his own making while trying to do some good in the world.

Ah the pain associated with doing good. Let's pray he will heal quickly!


Here is  Google Earth view of Skyline Drive... Note that even if he did make it to the bottom safely, that there is no safe run out. Obviously he gave no real thought as to the possible outcomes.