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A Thoughtful Gift - The Heart of Classic Rock

A Thoughtful Gift - The Heart of Classic Rock

Tower1ML2014CHRISTMAS 2016 - When we think back over the Christmas' past, we often remember gifts given and gifts received. In other years it might be the celebrations, the family gatherings, and the feasts devoured. One thing is for certain, and that is... "As we grow older our Christmas lists become shorter because the true gifts of happiness cannot be purchased." - Unknown

What this really means is that as we grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to purchase one a present of meaning. Buying a present for me is near impossible. Why? If I want it and it is of realistic price, then I most likely have already acquired it. This makes it very difficult for my lovely wife Shelly when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. But this year, she managed to hit a grand slam home run with the selection of Time Life's "The Heart of Classic Rock" cd selection.

There was a time in my early youth that the music on the radio was a major driving force in my life and actions. I was a rock-n-roll historian and my musical taste were very refined. Working at Tower Records at ar 19, I was the one that buyer's came to as they would be trying to find a song. "Hum me a few notes", I would say. And with that, I would direct them to the album, the cassette, or we would peruse the rare import section. With over 50 employees, I was the go-to guy for rock trivia. The West Covina Tower Records was the largest record store, anywhere at that time.

KMETWhen it came to music, I was fascinated with the harder rock found on the radio. KMET and KLOS were my favorites. All through the 1970's I prided myself on finding acts first and followed them through stardom, and then discarding them as everybody also fell in love with them. It was silly, but I still followed them privately, but I was waaaayyyy too cool to tout fanship in the most famous. How silly was I then? Regardless, that is the way it was.

I loved music then and I can play a song now and the memories come flooding back. This cd collection has many great songs, yet there are just as many that don't do much for me, yet the masses truly adored. So I will take the good with the bad as I relive some of the best songs from my impressionable youth. KLOS

You might wonder why this gift surprised me so much. Shelly spent her youth at the other spectrum of the radio in the 1970's.  If there was a damce radio station, then she was listening. Electric guitars were never her first love. In fact, if the song had no guitars, then so much the better. We are opposites when it comes to listening tastes. She is amazed when a song comes on that I haven't listened to in 3 decades and the memory banks open up, and every guitar riff comes flooding back to my mind.

Thank you Shelly for the thoughtful gift!

Make it a great day! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

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