Aaron's 16th Bday - Our Youngest is Dating

Yes, to day is the day that our youngest child officially became older enough to date. We have a family rule that there is no dating before 16 and then only in group dates until at least 18. It has been a good family policy with our older three kids, and tonight Jessica, Adam, and Haily all decided to group date with Aaron to get him started on the right track.

Aaron asked Vanessa Kirkby to be his first date, and she gladly accepted. She is a little bit older, which is good because our family policy also means that you can't date anybody younger than 16.  So for a little while many of Aaron's friends will be off limits until they too become of age.

I was fortunate because I was able to head over to the Riverwoods and take pictures of them at the start of their date.  Aaron was beaming and Vanessa was just too adorable. It will be fun to hear how it went later on this evening when he gets home.

I was so grateful that Jessica and Dave, along with Adam, and Haily would help to make this such a special birthday. This will be a group date they will long remember.





Do you have any dating advice for Aaron?