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Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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At-A-Boy Aaron - SVU Pride


Z Michael Leavitt 2019OCTOBER 29, 2019 - To say that Shelly and I are proud is an understatement. We watched our youngest son Aaron drive off to the East Coast to further his studies at Southern Virginia University. He was more than ready, and his studies were completely secondary to his desire to make the basketball team. Guess what?... He made the team.

I was reminded of this accomplishment this past weekend when my good friend from Idaho, Michael Elkins, asked, "Hey, how come you didn't tell me about Aaron making the basketball team?" And per his request, I proudly shared. I realized that I had kept very quiet because Aaron was dead set on accomplishing this on his own. He has kept the details close to his chest, and out of respect for his wishes I have said very little.

The announcement of the team members is now official. Looking down the roster, you will see that Aaron has grown about an inch and a half since we saw him last. :-)

2019 Roster

Yes, although Aaron would love to be a 7-footer, I have always been happier to be just a bit taller than him. He looks happy in photos and sounds even happier on the phone and while Face-timing.

Roster Aaron

I have always loved playing basketball with him and I was wowed by this play that his older sister sent our way. Don't tell anybody that I shared it online, or I may never see another clip. When I got it I wrote,

"Aaron Leavitt or Jeff Hornacek???
Moving without the ball makes things happen and wins games that would have otherwise been lost. I am beaming with pride as a proud father watching this footage of our son Aaron playing basketball back at Southern Virginia University. His movement without the ball in this video is incredible and reminds me of the days that Jeff Hornacek ran with Stockton and Malone on the Utah Jazz. Both Stockton and Hornacek made things happen without the ball in their hands... They were always moving and creating. It drove the defenders mad trying to keep up with them.
Am I critical? Let's just say that I watch games with a very detailed view of the bigger picture. Most players at the top of the key would have been comfortable watching their teammate's three-shot clank off the rim, allow the other team to rebound, and then hustle back up the court. Aaron opted to crash the boards hard from the top of the key. Look closer and you can see that the big man below was startled as Aaron flew by grabbing what normally would have been his rebound. But then Aaron landed inbounds with the presence of mind to pass it to an open man and then go set up for what turned out to be a wide-open three-point swish. Proud?... I am both beaming and blushing. I know how hard he has worked to become the player he is, and it shows in his hustle and movement... At-A-Boy Aaron! Love, Dad.

Clip 01 YT


Aaron SVU Pride

For those that are concerned with over-focus on the roundball, he is maintaining the best of coursework scores while he plays ball.

As for seeing him play, I hate being two time zones removed from his gym. The Southern Virginia University website is showing some links for some of his upcoming games, with the first being on November 20th.


Yes, we are very proud of Aaron's desire and drive to succeed. Those of you that know him, realize that it is best to step back and just watch him go. If you dare to keep up with him on the journey, then as you huff and puff he will talk your ear off as you run along... At-A-Boy Aaron... May all your dreams come true! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah



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