ML2014March 6, 2020 - Watch this play from yesterday at Union High School in Roosevelt, Utah. This is a complicated play that involved lots of judgment, patience, and movement to get it right. I was thrilled to be the base umpire with all of the responsibility. And with all humility... I nailed it!

INTERFERENCE - The initial potion of the play immediately left me deciding NOT to call interference. What the runner did was odd, but at the time I felt the shortstop had no play on the ball. Was I wrong? At the time I was set up right off her left shoulder. And yet, re-watching the play, I am certain that there will be at least some viewers who will wonder why interference was not called and the play immediately killed dead. Selfishly in hindsight, I am glad I let it play out so that the resulting slide at second could take place.

MOVEMENT - Overall I am happy with my movement on the play. Watching the video shows that I covered the needed ground to be right on top of the action at second. This was a good thing. Being on top of the play removed any complaints from coaches and fans 60 feet and further away.

AWESOME - Every now and then I just giggle with giddy excitement when I know that I have watched a great play from the vantage point of no other person. The front row may be great for fans, but an umpire's front row is incredible. Watching this runner from South Summit direct her slide to the rear of the bag and get her arm, hand, and fingertips into the rear edge of the bag before the tag was applied was awesome.

Make it a great game! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah