Michael Leavitt 160BALL!.... C'mon Blue!

I called "Ball" and everyone, even the batter thought I had made a mistake. The body language of the batter totally condemned my call and confirmed to all that I was wrong... For me, I was just being consistent and the video shows that I made the right call. These were two awesome teams with pitchers making adjustments in degrees of inches, and they both deserved accurate calls.

PHILOSOPHY - Would you prefer an umpire to call anything close a strike and send lots of batters to the dugout? Some feel it makes for a better game. Batters swing more. Innings pass by quicker. Batters have to expand their zone. And pitchers get away with balls being called strikes. Or would you prefer that the umpire call the strike zone consistently throughout the game and make it a game of partial inches?

WORST OPTION - Regardless of your philosophy above, the worst option is the umpire that employs both at unexpected times in the same game and nobody knows what to expect. Let's face it, egregious balls and strikes are easy to call. We earn our game fee when the 18U pitch is 2" inside and we get the call right.

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Make it a great game! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah