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Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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Chalk The Block - Provo Riverwoods Art Festival

Chalk The Block - Provo Riverwoods Art Festival

On Facebook I posted... “What a great event “Chalk The Block” turned out to be. I dropped my Orem High School student daughter off in the morning to what I thought was going to be some kids coloring on the sidewalks, only to find that this was an incredible showcase of talent by those wishing to donate their skills on behalf of care and a cure for autism. I have several hundred photos of the event, including every chalk art entry in both the mid-complete and finished stages hosted on Haily’s website at Thanks Riverwoods for hosting an outstanding event that turned into a Leavitt Family day of fun!!!”

I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning and realized that there were a couple of the pieces of art that I never did get a good photo of due to the large crowds. I decided to grab my camera and head down to the nearly vacant Riverwoods sgopping center to get the images I lacked before the rains came later today. I was so glad I decided to do this because I was finally able to capture the view from the artists perspective of two proportional works of art. They are proportional instead of static because they are meant to be viewed from a certain location and height. When viewed this way the art becomes 3 dimensional and literally raises up off the pavement upon which they were drawn. Take a look...
Eagle 640
Look at Haily’s site for the other views of this incredible work of art...
Now for my admiration of Haily’s work. She was absolutely incredible in her vision, effort, and work ethic. She was also exposed to an ugly ego that almost spoiled the event for her, but her art teacher Miss Grant stood-up for the bad display of ego and enforced the fact that the project was a collaborative effort. haily learned how not to be when it comes to this type of event.
The vision was for the young girl to blow bubbles that morphed into the hot air balloons. The concept was a good one and turned into a great attention getter from the crowds. Haily sported baseball catcher shin guards to help ease the pain of the ground level work. She kept positive throughout and left feeling that it could’t have been any better.
The Falling Rain
“Oh No” Twins Having Fun


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