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Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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Confetti Eggs - Who remembers playing with these?

Confetti Eggs - Who remembers playing with these?

ML2014Nothing good can come from confetti eggs except a whole lot of fun. These must be a Latino creation that goes hand in hand with Pinatas, because they both typically require a party and the desire to be having a great time. Oh yeah, and cannot be at all worried about whether or not the fun creates a big mess.

To make confetti eggs, carefully break open real eggs and drain off the white and the yolk and then wash them clean.  You can then dye them like Easter eggs or just keep them white or brown. Once dry, fill with confetti and then glue a small piece of tissue paper over the drain/fill hole.  Once the egg shells are dry, then you have confetti egg bombs that can be used multiple ways... The most popular use is to bust them over the top of somebody's head and watch the confetti go everywhere... Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

CREDIT - This blog entry was inspired by my good friend Mike Barker. Over the holidays Mike took Michelle and his children to Olvera Street in Los Angeles and shared his experience on Facebook. he unlocked some of my memory cells and I immediately took the time to capture my thoughts...

MIKE BARKER - Went to Olvera Street yesterday for some taquitos. The memories do come flooding back.

MICHAEL LEAVITT - Mike, did you see what I wrote recently about Olvera Street?... I remember those taquitos well. See what I wrote about the blown glass.

MIKE BARKER - I missed that one but thanks for sharing it. I remember the glass blowers as well. Didn't see any yesterday though. I did however buy some of the confetti filled eggs. They are 3 for $1. We always bought some to smash over our brother's heads when we got home. I hadn't been there since my elementary school days. We had a fun afternoon just walking around and taking in some culture. I think I could eat there every day. Lots of good Mexican food.

MICHALE LEAVITT - Mike, confetti eggs... For me it was to break them over my younger sister Becky's head. We also loved the puppets on the strings (marionettes) and the paintings on black velvet. Our love for Mexican Food surely came from Southern California. I wish that I could find some good Mexican food restaurants up here in Utah. Have you found any favorites up here?... Do share!

So get out there and make some confetti eggs and surprise the heads of those you love the most... But be ready for their retribution/revenge.

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

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