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CPSC - Window Hardware Recall

CPSC - Window Hardware Recall

GUWarning1The Consumer product Safety Commission has announced the recall regarding a specific window manufacturer's hardware. GUWarning2I doubt many of us will see this particular window, but I want everyone to understand the risk so that they can be more aware of the risks of their surroundings. In this case the window opens inward and this creates a fall hazard zone. Some residential windows operate this way, but this is more common in commercial building applications. This means openable windows in the workplace, office buildings, and shopping areas. My sharing this warning is not meant to be like “Chicken Little”, but meant to enhance your awareness of risks around you. Check out this link to the actual recall...


And for more information, please check out the 2011 CPSC Falling Furniture report. We can obviously do more to protect the interior environment of our homes...


Stay Safe!!! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah -

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