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There’s No Upside...

Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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Dillon Erickson - The Mild Mannered Caving Beast!

Dillon Erickson - The Mild Mannered Caving Beast!

Take a 25 year old man from Beaver Dam, Utah and assign him the calling of an Assistant Varsity Coach in Boy Scouting, and what you end up with is an enthusiastic leader that loves to shoot geese and ducks one day, and then rappel into the depths of the earth the next. But what you really have to respect is that on Sunday he faithfully attends his church meetings and fulfills his callings as a Young Men's leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So who is capable of this? Why it is Dillon Erickson.

All of this comes after being married just a couple of years with a lovely wife Courtney and a cute little almost one year old, fourth teeth and counting, young son named Easton... Yes, he is named after the baseball bat. It is tough to balance the demands of school, work, family, church, and scouting, but Dillon is doing his best.

I checked off his gear just before he made the drop into Blowhole Cave, and I was proud of him for taking life so seriously. It is always a special bond I feel for young men, young women, and the adults, just before I allow them to suspend their lives upon ropes which I have rigged. The guilt of injury would be overwhelming, and I take that responsibility seriously as I check their harness and hardware to be double certain that they will not fall to their death on my watch. It was fun to watch Dillon step out onto the shelf ready to drop off into the depths of the cave. Gone was most of the nervousness that he exhibited a year ago when he first put the gear on to climb 180 feet of rope suspended from the ceiling of our Cultural Hall. He now trusted his gear and had the padding he needed in all the right places (Note the snowmobiling knee pads Dillon is sporting).

Dillon is also has a smooth even keeled demeanor. In the darkness of the 18 degree breezy cold winter night he realized that as we went cross country returning from the cave, that his front tire was flat. Without any anger or frustration he stopped, confirmed the flat, and we immediately started changing the big truck tire in the bitter cold. There was no anger... He just took it all in stride... I respect that. It certainly is NOT my demeanor, but I can learn a lot from other people. All in all, Dillon is a great person to have along on a caving trip!!!


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