EXCITED! - Dollar Shave Club Christmas Present

ML2014To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement. My son Adam gave me a gift certificate to join the Dollar Shave Club* for Christmas and I immediately cashed it in online. It is December 27th and my first monthly package arrived in our mailbox earlier today. This wouldn't have been a big deal 10 years ago, but long about age 43 I actually started to get whiskers. before then, i went through the motions, but if I went for a couple of days without shaving the only one who noticed was my lovely wife Shelly. But now, things are much different.

What is the Dollar Shave Club? The Dollar Shave Club is an online service that forgoes the store shelves and sets people up on either the $2, $6, or $9 per month package.  This means that every month they tag your card and new blades arrive. I first saw the service about a year ago and was tempted, but still talked myself into buying the cheap generic brands of disposable razors at the grocery store and used each one way too long. My son Adam jumped right on it and he has been raving about them for all of 2014.

Christmas Eve his gift certificate arrived in my inbox and I took advantage of the $6 per month plan that features 4 blade units, with a new blade for each week. There will be no temptation to stretch out the life because I know that each unit needs to last one week. If I were to buy equivalents in the store it would be about $14 to $18, so I end up saving in the end.

I took advantage of Adam's certificate and also ordered the pre-Shave Butter and the Post Shave moisturizer because I knew that Adam would want me to spoil myself a bit. I am so looking forward to using them first thing tomorrow morning and am expecting a complete life changing moment... Okay, maybe those expectations are a bit high, but then again???

I received several very thoughtful gifts this year for Christmas.  Our son Aaron gave me a new pillow, in an effort to lessen my headaches. Our daughter Haily gave me a $40 gift card to Cinemark Theaters so that Shelly and I could go to a couple of movies. But as far as pure excitement goes, the Dollar Shave Club was spot on... At-A-Boy Adam!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: So the next time you see me in person, feel free to come and rub my cheeks to see if they are really as smooth as a babie's behind.... Merry Christmas!!!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

* DollarShaveClub.com   #DollarShaveClub