Irving Gathering #1 - Success!!!

MARCH 8, 2015 - How would one define success in an attempt to reunite the friendships from schoolmates 40 years prior? For me it would be a gathering of three or more... Seeing this photo posted on Facebook earlier this morning brought tears to my eyes. I can't explain it, but a rush of emotions is coming over me again, even as I type this, that is causing tears of joy to flow down my cheeks.

I wish that I could have been there as Alonso proudly showed off his Harley Davidson to Nancy Stanard and Diane Drummond Greenwood. They met at LA Fuente No. 3 in Eagle Rock last night. I do not know the restaurant, but I look forward to seeing it on a trip to So. Cal. in the near future.

Billy Graham shared privately early this morning, "Hey Michael, here's what you have done: you have Irving students that NEVER hung out together, getting together nearly four decades after they were classmates. Nice work."

I responded, "I wish I could have been there. Good people, great friends!"

Billy is as much responsible for the gathering as myself, as he has been a supporter of this idea since we reunited on Facebook a couple of years ago. Reunions and get togethers are a good thing. They help us keep a balanced perspective on our lives as we share stories and build friendships into the future. The next gathering date is scheduled for April 18th somewhere in Eagle Rock, California. Stay tuned and check in with the Washington Irving 1970's Facebook page for details.


Make it a great day!

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