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Giant Stucco Eating Snails - Watch Out Florida!!!

Giant Stucco Eating Snails - Watch Out Florida!!!

As a Utah Home Inspector, there are few things as scary as the thought of giant African snails, as large as a football, showing up in the U.S.A., and loving traditional stucco homes upon which to feast. I heard about this phenomena and shivers immediately went up and down my spine. Relief only came as I considered the great distance between Orem, Utah and the shores of Cocoa Beach, Utah where I spent part of my youth. Luckily these destructive slimey and overgrown snails only prefer the tropical portions of our great land and they could not make a go of it here in the high desert of Northern Utah... Huge sighs of relief!!!

As I investigated the recent news stories and videos I became that much more thankful that I am not inspecting homes in Florida. I remember back to my youth when huge bannana spiders, water mocassins, and other reptiles were at enearly every turn in our Florida subdivision. I clearly remember the early evenings spent running with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood behind the DET fogging trucks that attempted to control the huge amount of mosquitos and insects. Why I haven’t yet died of cancer from the DET exposure is a mystery to me. And to say that Florida is humid, tropical, and full of creepy crawlers is a huge understatement.

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