Go For It! - Success Begins With The First Step


ML2014GO FOR IT! -January 12, 2015 - - Yes, you can literally climb mountains one step at a time. But you have to take that first step, then another, then another, and so on until you are standing on the summit.

Never was this more true in our family than when we backpack to King's Peak in NE Utah. Standing at 13, 527 feet it is the crowning point in our state. On the day of the ascent you have an important decision when leaving Henry's Fork basin. You can take the moderate trail through Gunsight Pass and add hours or time to your trip, or you can climb the avalanche chute in the SE corner of the basin.  With about a thousand vertical feet it requires the use of both feet as well as the occasional use of hands to help keep one upright.

Taking the avalanche chute route saves at least 3 hours, which is important because once you get to the top you still have another 1,300 vertical feet before reaching the top of King's Peak. So this pathway is much more difficult and dangerous in the short term, but the rewards are that it gives you much more time for fishing in any of about a dozen lakes later in the afternoon of the same day.  So by balancing the risk and the reward, and then taking step after step towards your goal, then you can successfully climb on top of any goal. Yes it requires hard work. Yes you must dodge boulders coming down the chute. Yes the oxygen is very thin the higher you get. But the view from the summit and the fishing later in the same day in the basin are so worth it. So....

Your Success Begins With Your First Steps!!!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah - www.TheHomeInspector.com

What mountains are you looking to climb in 2015?