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There’s No Upside...

Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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Go For It - Take The Leap!!! - Glen's Pass, Ca.

Go For It - Take The Leap!!! - Glen's Pass, Ca.


ML2014YOU CAN DO IT! -February 2, 2015 - Even if it seems insurmountable, take the leap!!!

I see the little goldfish and flash back to myself when I was 21 years old.  I had a new assignment as a Boy Scout Leader and was an Assistant Explorer Adviser along with 27 year old Bob Morris. We led the 14-18 year old Explorer Scouts on the Rae Lakes Loop in the  Kings Canyon Yosemite area in California. Our goal was to cross the 11,978 feet Glen's Pass in full backpack while doing our 50 mile summer backpacking trek.

11,978 feet sounds wimpy when you leave for the trail from Orem, Utah. But when you depart your 570 feet above sea level home in Pomona, California, it seems like a near impossible feat. Also interesting is that we left with no desire to actually summit a peak. Instead, it was just being able to drag ourselves over the switchback laden trail up to Glen's Pass so that we could get to the other side.


SWITCHBACKS - I have found that "Switchback" means different things to hikers in different regions. In the High Sierras of California it is the most rigorous struggle of hiking imaginable. They are steep and can seem to go on forever up the sides of rock formations where one wrong step means certain death from the fall. Here is Utah they are much more moderate, long, and drawn out.


Climbing up Glen's Pass I felt just like that little goldfish. I thought I could make it, and I kept my feet moving, but by mid switchbacks I was second guessing my judgment even going on the trip. With each step I came closer to my goal and I still remember the awesome feeling coming up and over the top. A new sense of energy rushed through my body as I looked down on the Rae Lakes valley and saw all of the prospects for high mountain fishing.


For those wondering what I looked like in 1982, here I am with my Mom and my 7 year older brother Jimi.b2ap3_thumbnail_MDL1.jpg

You Can Do It... But Only If You Try!!!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah -






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You Can Do It... But Only If You Try!


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