Grilled Marshmallows??? Grandkid Eating Solutions & Delicious Memories

GRILLED MARSHMALLOWS - 11/22/2014 - Are you the last Grandpa out there to learn that you can grill marshmallows on an electric griddle? The young ones love it, and you don't end up smelling like a campfire when you are done. All-in-all grilled marshmallows are a win-win solution that I encourage you to try out with your young kids, and grandkids.



Shelly and I had the great opportunity to have our 3 grandchildren spend the night last night while their parents were off doing parent stuff. So after an evening of pizza, playing games, Bubble Guppies, and artwork with Auntie Haily, they finally all shut their eyes and slept solidly through the night. As they awoke this morning, the pressure upon Grandpa (me) was on as I cooked them breakfast.


Both Rolf and Poppy are 4 years old and Tommy is 2. All three have completely different eating likes and dislikes and I knew it was going to be a struggle. I settled in quickly on the idea of cooking French Toast and syrup. This is wasy to make and the kids could watch as I cooked their breakfast on the counter top griddle. I had their complete attention as I cracked the eggs, added the milk, and whipped it up. "Why are you putting the bread in that Grandpa?" asked Rolf. "What are you making us?" asked Poppy. They marveled as the coated bread sizzled when it was laid on the hot griddle. "Can you say spat-choo-la?" I asked. "What's a spatula, Grandpa?" asked Rolf. And with that, I took the metal spatula and flipped the bread and I heard a collective, "Oooooh!"


As the other side was grilling I got the plates out, filled their sippy-cups with milk, and put some syrup on each of their plates. In all of my wisdom I realized that I did not want to be cutting three plates worth of French toast and thought about Sonic's French Toast Sticks, so I pulled out a long sharp knife and started cutting the big pieces into long narrow strips... "What are you doing that for, Grandpa?" asked Rolf. "I'm making French Toast strips," I responded. What a great idea on my part, I thought, as I tried hard to pat myself on the back. This would eliminate the need for knives and forks and this meal was going to be a huge hit. Sure enough, I put a couple of sticks on each of their plates and Rolf couln't volunteer quick enough to say the blessing on the food. "Amen" was said and they all started eating.

After about a minute of eating, I could see boredom starting to set in, so I quickly thought of ways to spice up their breakfast. After all, Rolf and Tommy are roamers when it comes to eating. Wait, that is unfair to Tommy. Rolf is a true roamer when it comes time to eat.  He might sit in a chair for 30 seconds, but then usually he gets up and freely moves around the house doing anything but eat. Not this morning, grilling the French Toast right before his eyes kept his focus, but he was needing more.

I thought of sprinkling powdered sugar and went to the pantry, but could not find it. Then I saw a bag of marshmallows on the top shelf. It was 43 degrees outside, overcast, and starting to lightly rain, so I knew that starting a camp fire and roasting them was out of the question. I also knew that I would take way too much grief from Shelly if I just started handing them out, and then it dawned on me... Why not grill up the marshmallows?


Can you grill marshmallows? I had never heard anybody doing that. Sure you can roast them over a fire. You can also put them on top of yams and cook them in the hot oven. But what would happen if you placed them on top of a hot griddle?

I poured a little bit of cooking oil onto the griddle and carefully set 4 marshmallows down to cook. Would it work? Would it stick? Would it melt and flow out into a mushy pile? Would this be a huge hit, or a messy failure? What I noticed immediately was that in my silence I had captured my 3 grandkids' full attention, especially Tommy. Shelly was also looking on, while wondering what in the world I was doing. We all watched as the lower portion of the marshmallow started to mushroom outwards a bit. Would it stick, or would these things flip? I knew that both ends would need to be heated, so I took my metal spatula and it easily slid under the marshmallow. I gripped the unmelted top and flipped it over and set it downward on the fresh side... Success!!!


I quickly realized that the spatula was unneeded. The top of the marshmallow was cool and easy to pick up. And once flipped, the mushroomed top cools off enough while the lower half is cooking and makes it easy to lift up once both sides are completely cooked. I also learned, after burning Rolf's plate and Poppy's hand that it is best to flip it over again as you set it off on a plate. This makes it so that the part that goes into your mouth first does not burn your tongue.

There is no doubt about it, grilled marshmallows were a big hit this morning. As they quickly finished a marshmallow, then they ate more French Toast while they were waiting and watching the next batch cook. I have never had this much success with getting all 3 of them to eat what has been prepared. Shhhhh! Don't tell Jessica and Dave (Mommy & Daddy), but Tommy must have been the one who devoured the last 4 that were sitting out on the plate to cool. Hopefully he does not suffer from a tummy ache for the rest of the day.


Make it a great day! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah

What's your favorite grandkid eating solution?