Haily Plays Lacrosse

It was great fun yesterday watching Haily play lacrosse. Haily is one of the team captains for the Timpanogos JV Lacrosse team and she also plays on the Varsity team. Since Shelly wasn’t feeling well I became one of the official drivers for the team and I transported the girls north to play against Juan Diego. Juan Diego is a private Catholic school in Draper, Utah and they have really good teams with lots of fan support.


I was told that I could not write anything to embarrass Haily, so I will let the photos do the talking. haily was aggressive, yet kept her spirits high even though they came out on the losing end. Haily played goalie for the first half of the game because the JV goalie was brought up to fill a vacancy on the Varsity team. The drag was that with Haily stuck at goal there was a lack of defensive intensity and it seemed like Juan Diego was on non-stop offense firing shots directly at Haily. Juan Diego scored 8 times on her, but Haily also had 8 saves. Juan Diego had 16 quality shots on goal. Compare that to Timpanogos only getting 2 shots on goal the first half and one of them scored. It is difficult to be competitive when you don’t get any quality shots on goal.


At half time the pads and gear were taken off Haily and Sarah filled her spot at the goal. Haily then took up the position of a mid-fielder that plays both offense and defense. Timpanogos held Juan Diego to only 7 shots on goal in the second half with a much more balanced game with lots of action at each end. There is lots to work on and the girls are really seeming to be having a great time playing.



Haily was focused on chasing down every loose ball. Look at her intensity and focus.



As goalie nothing seemed to scare her. She aggressively went towards each aggressor.


Haily took one shot on goal. Notice that there are 5 Juan Diego players in the photos and only Haily for Timapanogos.


Haily saving the shot on goal.


#16 missed and Haily positioned herself to make the catch.


Oh no... Here comes another shot on goal.


Haily was dead set on getting every loose ball. This may be where being tall is a disadvantage. The shorter Juan Diego girls seems to really excel at scooping the ball on a dead run, but Haily picked up a team high of 6 and she only played on the field for half the game. I asked her about it and she very intensely shared, “Scooping balls is a mindset. You have to believe that it is you ball and nothing is going to stop you from getting it.” Her intensity scared me for a moment, and looking at the picture above you can see that she really means business.


I took over 1,500 photos and put them up on her website. Got to: http://www.hailyscomet.com/S_JuanDiego.html to see the albums.

Way-2-Go Haily!

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