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ILLEGAL BAT - Do you know the penalty for using an illegal bat?


 Michael Leavitt 320MARCH 9, 2020 - I did not realize the player entered the batter's box with an illegal bat. An illegal bat is a bat that is either unapproved or altered. In this case, it was an Easton "Gold" Ghost, which is unapproved for high school play. The same bat with the blue lettering is approved and carries the appropriate USA Softball approved logos. I did not realize the batter had used this bat until after she cranked a deep foul ball and I saw the bat laying on the ground.


NFHS 7-4-2: ART. 2 . . . The batter enters the batter's box with an illegal bat or is discovered having used an illegal bat and the infraction is detected before the next legal or illegal pitch (only the umpire or defense may detect an illegal bat).
PENALTY: The ball is dead immediately. All runners not put out on the play must return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. When the illegal bat is an altered or non-approved bat, the batter and head coach are also ejected.
NOTE: Damaged bats are not illegal and are removed from the game without penalty.

COACH TIP: When you answer affirmatively to the pre-game plate question, "Are your players legally and properly equipped?", then you should take your answer seriously. Being ejected is a tough penalty, and the NFHS offers no wiggle room or warning options.

Make it a great game! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah




Carolyn Leavitt - You are a good honest man. ♥️? Mom

Michael Leavitt - I would expect nothing less from you Mom, but you do know that your opinion is very biased? You are like the coaches that we can't allow to make the calls at first and third bases... Inherent bias with a definite conflict of interest.:-)

Carolyn Leavitt - Michael Leavitt so are you going to throw me out????????

Mike Symons - So did you have to throw the player and coach out?

Michael Leavitt - Do you think I would just throw the bat out, give them both a stern warning, and then she would be allowed to crank the next pitch deep to right field for an inside the park home run? Now that wouldn't be fair, would it?:-) What would you have done?

Jess Cornwell - Michael Leavitt Is the coach a new coach at Springville?

Bill Shuck -NFHS illegal bat, 7.4.2the offender and coach are restricted to the dugout...usa the offender is not inforcing this rule ...takes away an advantage from the opposing team...if i was the opposing coach i would protest for misaplication of the is not a time to think that that rule will not be enforced the coaches meeting the coaches all say they are legally equiped..

Michael Leavitt - Bill Shuck - Can you review the first portion of your reply? Where are you getting "restricted to the dugout" for the 7-4-2 penalty reference? In the "Penalty" portion of 7-4-2 it states, When the illegal bat is an altered or non-approved bat, the batter and the head coach are also ejected.

Michael Leavitt - Jess Cornwell - Jess, it was the Sophomore game between Timpview and Springville. They had special circumstances and played a JV and Sophomore double header at Utah Valley University instead of the fields by the hospital in Provo. It seems they were halted by the City of Provo as they were mid-installation of a permanent fence on the fields where the hot air balloons also get launched. They are not yet sure of where the Timpview HS games will be played this year. Varsity was not on the schedule yesterday due to Springville having over-scheduled their season already. BTW, it was really fun doing the games on the college diamond, but we did not have a double base at first.

Bill Shuck - Michael Leavitt nfhs 2.4.2 defination..yes 7.4.2 uses the word ejected not i stand corrected which means the coach has to leave, the player stays with the team int he dugout

Michael Leavitt - Bill Shuck - That is what I thought. It is one of the harshest "non-violent" type penalties in the book. And yet most coaches I have spoken with realize the full scope of the penalty.

Bill Shuck - Michael Leavitt yes their are cheaters, but i can not decern one cheating on purpose and one just making an misteake

Rob Monson - Bill, the rule doesn't seem to care if one broke it on purpose. This removes the burden of trying to determine the "type" of cheating from the official. Laziness in checking equipment is punished the same as deliberately cheating. I think removing the official from determining punishment eliminates potential bias.

Scott Healy - Alrighty.

Scott Healy -Where do we find a list of the bats that are not on the "approved" list?

Michael Leavitt - Good question Scott. NFHS uses the authorized list from USA Softball. Here is a link...

Scott Healy - Thanks

Stephen Hunzeker - Were they aloud back in game after the heart felt apology?

Michael Leavitt - "Aloud" is probably the appropriate word, instead of the typical "Allowed". If let back into the game, then they could be very loud, after all what do you have left to threaten them with? BTW, you haven't shared any of your major errors this year Stephen Hunzeker, surely you must also have some doozies, right? Please share!:-)

Stephen Hunzeker - Michael Leavitt lol, that's funny, but I cant spell.

Michael Leavitt - Stephen Hunzeker - You know my disposition, and in private we can talk about the way it was handled. In fact, privately message me with your guess... But you know me all too well.

Stephen Hunzeker - Dang, I cant think a of a single dozy (?). I will share this from last weekend in Vegas, I had a SLC team (12u) I'm behind the plate and as I'm getting g runs between innings and I see them all wearing their horrible red Utah gear I happily say go Cougars. They all start barking at me. So the next half inning I go over and say," hey let's have a sing-a-long and I say I'll start it off, Rise and shout and we were all best friends for the rest of the game.

Stephen Hunzeker - I will see you this weekend correct?

Michael Leavitt - As for my situation, you would have looked at the bat and then given the batter the big finger and then looked towards third and from afar given even the bigger finger... And all without any words other than, "Look at the bat and get comfortable on the bus while you wait for this game to finish!"

Stephen Hunzeker - Michael Leavitt tie goes to the runner.

Josh Francis - Stephen Hunzeker what page does it state that on....tie goes to the runner, funny. Still haven't had a coach show me that one, LOL.

Rob Monson - Josh, It's been awhile since I read that rule, but if I remember correctly it states the ball must arrive before the runner, which would render having to say that a tie goes to the runner moot.

Stephen Hunzeker - Josh Francis it's on page 1.

Mark Watson - The rule is the rule, it's black and white. As a coach, it's our job to know the rules, it is not blue's job to decide malicious intent. Players, Coaches and parents....know the rules, they work for you if you educate yourself on them.

Victor Bonilla - Jesse Lucero

Josh Francis - I love how the coach comes down and states "I know what you are going to say" if you know what the umpire is going to say then why did you allow your player to step in the box with the bat. I would make sure that you let all your umpires know what school that is and to keep there eyes open for it. BTW, the new ghost bat approved for all play is white with gold trim. Hope they had someone on the bench to come in for the player other wise you would have a forfeit going under 9 players. Good catch blue.

Rob Monson - They should amend the rule to also state the following. The illegal bat will be ground into dust, mixed into a pudding of their choice, and then consumed, after which the offending player and coach shall be ejected.

Marian Ford - Well done. As a pitchers mom, I’ve seen so many close encounters with balls being hit to the head and chest off rolled bats, or illegal bats. I know you all want your kids to hit them out, and that’s part of the game- but play by the rules. This woman looked like she knew it wasn’t legal. Again- well done.




WANNA WEDGIE? - I failed to use the wedge mechanic...
SOFTBALL RULES TRIVIA - Why was she called safe?


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