Into The Woods - The Poster

INTO THE WOODS - Can you draw faces? It is a talent that few possess, but my daughter Haily nails them every time. She gets the proportions right. She gets the eyes and noses perfectly. She captures the look that never fails to please. Saturday afternoon she did it again when Miss Pam, the drama teacher at Orem High School, asked Haily to create the poster that would hang in the large commons area announcing to the school the opening of the play later this week.

It is incredible to think that she took black butcher paper and taped up several rows to create the large 10 foot canvas. That combined with a few paints, a few hours and voila... Success! I feel a bit bad (tongue firmly placed in my cheek) for the two girls cast in the role of Little Red Riding Hood. Haily contacted each of them requesting that they pose for her during the set-building party taking place at the same time. Both declined the invitation; one due to work commitments, and the other stating that they were not going to participate in the set build. Therefore, neither could not be of help to her with the poster. So Haily took her 9th grade friend, Rachel Peterson, and immortalized her in the poster instead... So sad for the two leads!

So why am I so amazed? I am artisticly inclined, but I know my limitations. What I see in Haily’s work is so incredible and so advanced. It is not just a developed talent, it is a divine gift that she has worked very hard to develop. Don’t get the impression that she just sat down one day and created masterpieces. Instead, she has invested thousands of hours honing her advanced skills. But all the hard work is paying off in ways that she never dreamed. Am I proud?... You betcha!!!

The play opens Thursday and here is the link for details...