ML2014Knickerbocker74-300KNICKERBOCKER 1974 - At the request of several members of the Washington Irving Junior High alumni Facebook group, I put the scanning on project of the 1974 Knickerbocker on the front burner and I made it a priority to complete.

It has been yet another labor of love scanning the 1974 Washington Irving Knickerbocker yearbook and then formatting it for easy viewing on the internet. I have two versions available and both require registering for my website to access. This is easy to do and helps control and monitor who is viewing the content.

STANDARD VERSION - I took the time to create a version that is free from all added autographs and best wishes. This version is available to all Irving alumni.

MICHAEL'S EDITION - I also uploaded a very personal version that includes all the signatures and writings from my own personal yearbook.  This is available to those who are interested in seeing what they authored so many years ago... "Have a great summer!" was the most common inclusion, but there are many other treasured thoughts and memories captured in the writings.

To view the 1974 Knickerbocker just visit my "East L.A. Years" specialty web page for details.


Make it a great day! Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah