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Matthew Flinders - ENDORSEMENT by Michael Leavitt

Matthew Flinders - ENDORSEMENT by Michael Leavitt



When it comes to real estate agents, my feelings are all over the board. Fortunately the unscrupulous agents and those focused on closing the deal at all cost do their best to avoid me as a home inspector. Over the past twenty years I have come to know a few thousand agents. The cream of the grop do their best to represent their clients with honesty and integrity, and this blog entry is a direct endorsement of a real estate agent who I have come to respect greatly.

MATTHEW FLINDERS - Armstrong/Flinders & Associates

Matthew-Flinders-UtahMatthew Flinders

Matthew Flinders has been selling real estate in Northern Utah since the mid to late 1990's. I love inspecting for Matthew's clients because he does a great job of educating them about the home buying and inspection process. They appreciate the value of a top notch home inspection deals with the realities and truths about the conditions of their future dream home. Matthew always seems to do a good job of educating his clients and helping them overcome the hurdles that seem to be a part of nearly all real estate sales transactions.

TECHNOLOGICAL - Matthew does his best to stay on the forefront of technology so that he can best serve his home buyers. For example, a couple of years ago I inspected an early 1900's Provo, Utah home for one of Matthew's out of state buyers and Matthew incorporated Facetime technology on site.  Matthew held his tablet up and transmitted my on site explanations in real time to the buyer who was on the East Coast and could not be present for the inspection. This was a first for me and it allowed my inspection client to see the exact issues and allowed us to interact just as though he was present. This made the transaction flow much smoother and this was a real benefit to the client... AT-A-BOY MATTHEW!

KNOWLEDGEABLE - Matthew seems to have an insatiable desire to learn. He rarely misses an inspection walk-through because he is always wanting to learn something new about houses. He is inquisitive and his retention is awesome. He then shares the knowledge with his future clients as he shows them homes. This can often prevent the future buyers from investing needlessly in a home inspection on a home that has major issues. You would think it would be bad for me, but it works in quite the opposite fashion. Matthew helps his clients sort through the housing stock looking for their diamond in the rough. Then he directs them my way and I confirm the actual conditions with a detailed inspection.... AT-A-BOY MATTHEW!

BLOG ENTRY - Check out this blog entry featuring Matthew's question about an A/C cutoff switch

HONEST - I have found Matthew Flinders to be honest in his dealings with me and his clients. If there are issues with the inspected home, then Matthew wants to know about them in their un-sugar coated glory. As the Home Inspector, I shoot a straight shot to my client and Matthew helps them deal with the issues in the sales transaction. Matthew and I think very much alike, in that if there are issues, then the buyer is going to find out about it sooner or later.  We both feel it is far better for them to learn about the issues before closing on the home rather than after. When issues are identified during the inspection, then I have always found Matthew ready, able, and willing to handle the negotiations with the seller. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, Matthew takes the issues head on and gets them dealt with by all of the parties involved. This is a valuable trait in a real estate agent... AT-A-BOY MATTHEW!

If you are looking for a good real estate agent, then give Matthew the opportunity as you whittle down your search for just the right agent.

SELLING? Matthew has a complete team at Armstrong Flinders & Associates to handle all of your real estate sales and purchase needs. Give them a try...


Matthew Flinders * 801-636-3709 * *

Make it a great Day!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah *

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