NCAA on Dish Network - Unwatchable!

Talk about March Madness, watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament on Dish Network is infuriating. This is my complaint video of what I get to see when I leave the primary CBS channel 2 coverage and slide down the bandwidth to channel 242 and TRU TV. The shakiness and stuttering only occurs for about 40% of the live action ball play action. It is crystal clear for the commercials and any of the announcer jabbering with no real action. But when the game play counts, then this is what I get to endure.

Is it my Hopper in the other room? Or is it the Joey for my office TV? Or is it the dish positioning on the roof? We have good weather and no snow, so we can't blame the weather. All I know is that I spend top dollar each month and this is the same thing that would happen during Utah Jazz games on the very upper end of the band with Root TV. I am done with this and I will now share this short YouTube video with the tech supporters and let them see for themselves what I get to watch.

I think the frustration for me is that I wait all year for Thursday and Friday tip-offs for the NCAA Tournament.  I just love the four game action and switching back and forth. For some reason it brings me great joy... At leat it would. C'mon Dish, let's get this resolved!!!


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