“Oh No” Twins Having Fun


Jessica and Dave sent along a new video from Cape Cod. It is a blast to watch, and it is obvious that Rolf and Poppy are now old enough to really be a lot of fun. I think that is what makes their departure to East Coast living the toughest. It was also tough realizing that this morning would have been the perfect Fall morning to take them fishing... But then there is that 2,138 mile separation... Sighhhhh!

I wonder how hard it must have been before the days of Skype and YouTube when the prior generations were separated by large distances. That would have been tough and I should quit my yearning, but it is still tough being a long distance Grandpa.

Looking at Rolf and Poppy repeating the same fun activities over and over and over again takes me back to the early years with Jessica, Adam, Haily & Aaron. The repetitive fun and non-stop giggling was so much fun as a Dad.

Thanks for sharing the video Dave!

YouTube Video - http://youtu.be/c7vPqHmGAok