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Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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Poppy Speed Blinking - Grandkids Are Wonderful!!!

Poppy Speed Blinking - Grandkids Are Wonderful!!!

b2ap3 thumbnail ML2014 20141019-173311 1There is nothing more entertaining than a 4 year old granddaughter doing her best to stay awake during a very slow late night BYU football game. If your team is going to finally lose at about midnight, then I recommend that you watch the game with three young grandkids that are much more interested in playing than sitting quietly and watching the football game on the field. Poppy (4) is a very active child and together with her brother Rolf (4) and Tommy (2) they had a blast in the perfect late night air of the large stadium. Yes, once Poppy gets going, she is a pure joy to play silly games. Her laugh is infectious and her smile lights up everything around her as she makes sure everybody is having a good time. Check out this video and especially listen to her laugh and giggle at about the 18 second point...

Rolf, Poppy, and Tommy are all members of the Cosmo's Kids Club and they each get two tickets to two different BYU Football games and they invited Shelly and I to come to a game with them and their parents. The tickets were the absolute best as we came through the upper GG portal and then climbed 30 rows higher to sit just 5 rows from the top of the NW corner of the stadium.  Add to that an 8:15 PM start time against Nevada and this ensured that there were not very many people sitting around us during the late night game. This meant that these three young wanderers could explore and not get into too much trouble. Of course, the man sitting two rows down from us suddenly was sporting a half eaten Ritz cracker on the back of his right shoulder, and we had to assume that Tommy had done his damage. Even when the cracker was casually removed, the crumbs were still there an hour later when he got up and carried his sleeping kids out of the stadium.

But don't think that the Dixon kids (my grandkids) slept during the game. There is no way they were going to shut there eyes with so much noise and bright light action going on. I gave it my best try and could not get any of them to drift off while upon my lap. I came close a couple of times, but never was successful. What I did do was get myself tired and my eyes were so wanting to stay closed.

With heavy eyes I figured out a new game we could play. Yep, the rules of "Speed Blinking" are quite simple.  Blink your eyes so fast that they appear to be closed. I liked creating these rules because each round of the game would give me about 10 or 15 seconds of relief as I blinked them sooooo fast that they looked like they were closed. Poppy is old enough to get it, yet still fully play along and takes it hook, line, and sinker.  Poppy is very fun and outgoing by nature, and once I get her wound up we just laugh and laugh and laugh. Yes, I love my grandkids and love to "pull their legs" and play fun games with them. Speed Blinking is just the latest  in a long string of fun games that helps get Grandpa the quick burst of rest that is so needed.

Make it a great day and enjoy your attempts at Speed Blinking!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah


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