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SCAMMERS - Search Engine Rankings

SCAMMERS - Search Engine Rankings



Fellow real estate professionals. Watch out if you get a call from

(323) 271-4533

This number is from professional scammers. It took me a few minutes to reveal them for what they are, but I am glad I took the time.I hope that you can learn from their tactics. It is really sad because there are legitimate firms doing this work, but this was NOT one of them.

THIMichaelLeavittRing ring ring....
“It’s a great day, this is Michael!”
Long pause of silence...
“Hello, Hello this is Michael”, I say again and then a small click and
“Hello is this Michael Leavitt?”
“Why yes it is, how can I be of help?”
“Michael, this is Neil, and we are looking for a real estate agent in your area”///
To which I immediately cut him off and say, “Well I am a home Inspector here in Northern Utah and definitely not a real estate agent, but if you are looking for an agent I can surely refer you to a few good ones.”
“Oh, you are a home inspector? Well that is okay because the very same service that we offer to real estate agents we offer to home inspectors.”
“Really? And what service might that be?”
“We take Realtors, uh I mean home inspectors, and get them ranked number 1 on both Bing and Yahoo searches. We have a special program that is FREE to try and takes your company and places you first in search results. So let’s say somebody is searching for ‘Real Estate Professional Orem’ then you will come up first in the search.”
“Really? And just how do you accomplish that?”
“Well we have the contract to be able to provide the service and ensure that anybody that searches ‘Real Estate Professional Orem’ and make them number one. Did you know that we have the analytics that show that over 323 people each week search for real estate professionals in your area? But we are only accepting one home inspector into the FREE program for each search area. We have no contracts and billing is purely month to month. This means that if you are not satisfied, then you can cancel at any time. Are you interested?”
“Oh yes, I am really interested in being first in the search results on the major search engines. But out of curiosity what types of search result listings are we talking about?”
“That is a great question, on the result screen over on the right you will be the top returned result. It would say Need a Realtor, uh I mean Home Inspector, then call Michael at 801-636-6816, and can include a link to a page or website, if you have one, but the goal is to get them to call you first. Do you have a website?”
“Well Neal, I maintain 54 websites right now and this is not my first rodeo. I have just gotten out of a bad business relationship with another firm like yours that promised results, yet resulted in their stealing my money and us having to change all of our business account numbers to stop the fraudulent billing. I am really curious how your service deals with mobile searches.”
“Uh, I know there are a lot of scammers out there, but we are in the middle of upgrading to the ability to better deal with mobile because we realize that is where it is at. Can we”///
I halted him in mid sentence and said
“Neil, what I need from you is the contact information os 3 home inspectors that you have done successful work for and after I follow-up with them, then we can get back together and talk about your service.”
“Uh, yeah, I will get right on” - CLICK.
He hung up on me... Yeah!!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah - - Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc.

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