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Michael Leavitt shares his innermost thoughts as they relate to his personal and family life. He can be heard to say often to his kids... “There’s no upside!”

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Spanish Moss Cave - A Great Trip

Spanish Moss Cave - A Great Trip

TRIP REPORT: We had a very successful trip to Spanish Moss Cave.

TRIP DATE: April 4, 2013



TRIP LEADER: Michael Leavitt

PARTICIPANTS: Dave Allison, Matt, Josh, Robert, Keaton, and Aaron Leavitt. For 5 of the participants this was there very first experience in a wild cave. We stopped by Roadside Cave just to pique their interest. Hiking up to the locked gate is always a challenge, but these young men were up to the task.

CONDITIONS INSIDE: The cave was extremely dry. I had never seen the upper room flowstone completely dried up. The lower chamber ceiling water feature was also 98% dried up. In fact, only about 5% of the features were wet and glistening.

ACCIDENTS: The only near injury occurred as I was below and I reached into the fall zone to get the rope for the next ascender and I was stuck on the side of the helmet and then the shoulder by a 6” wide flat rock. Luckily it glanced off and the pain was only temporary. The rock was released from above as 3 of the participants had just ascended and unknowingly disturbed some rocks and pebbles above.

TRASH: The cave was found to be very clean inside.

LOCK: The lock was sticky and needs some WD-40.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I think a great Eagle Project would be to install more metal wire fencing over the north and south ends of the sand bag retaining wall immediately below the rappelling drop zone. There are currently 3 sections installed to help retain the added wall with none over the southern 6 feet and the northern 3 feet. I think it would be best to install it over the full length.








DRAWBACK: Being the guy with the cameras, it is odd not to see any pictures of me. I need to start taking photographers with me.

Make it a great day!

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