Success in the burning ring of frie!

With just 8 seconds to go, we witnessed the popcorn pop in the fire building contest. The record was reported to be about 2 minutes and 50 seconds. We may not have beat that record, but we did succeed at the task. Alex led the way and he started stacking the wood and placing the kindling. The technique was questionable as they took the first match when the log cabin was just about 2 inches tall when the limit was about 12 inches tall. this mean that if the fire took, then the flames would have to rise up at least a foot before it had any effect on the pie tin placed above. The match lit the tender and after about 10 seconds it went out.... There went the bonus award for getting it going with just one match. A second match produced the same outcome. At that point Aaron shared, "If we try the same thing without making any changes, then how can we expect any different results?"

Life is like that in many ways. We often find ourselves attempting a previously failed task with the same technique and we fail again and again.  Sure there are bonus points for dedicating the time to the task, but the end goal should be to succeed.

Drake, Christian, and Zane were also quite involved in the fire building challenge. Whether it was through encouragement, stacking wood, or just blowing hard on the embers, each individual was needed for the task.

I took videos and pictures, Jim McCalister kept the time and Brother Mowris gave gentle encouragement. Our Scoutmaster, Brother Lambert, went awol during the first portion of the fire building event. I believe that was to prevent our Eagle Patrol from losing points when a leader jumps in and offers advice, but Brother Lambert would probably say it was for another reason. Either way, he can watch the video once I get it online and see the fun.