Thanks for the caterpillar!

It is always fun to open up my email and receive a message from our youngest grandchild Tommy. “Thanks for the ceterpillar!” Tommy shared. He is very short in his messages, but the attached pictures always speak a thousand words. Cute? Yep, he is adorable! Proud? Yep, he coordinates his outfits perfectly and he will never be accused of his Mommy dressing him funny! Sad? Yes, I wish I was closer and could give him a big hug and kisses. It was fun rocking him to sleep as he fought it every step of the way, during our short visit to Cape Cod early in December. Tommy would scream and scream and scream, and then he would just go silent like somebody turned off a light switch.

So thanks again Tommy for keeping me up to date with the highlights in your ever changing life. Remember, for about the next 20 years you will have major changes in your body every day. Let’s document these early years so that you can look back and have some remembrance if these special times. And go easy on the caterpillar since they can only endure so much gnawing and drooling. You seem to be just as oral as your Mommy was at that age. I love you very much! Love, Grandpa Michael