The Pretender - Photo Memories From My Youth

My heart strings were just tugged as I watched a photograph compilation set to the music of Jackson Browne's "The Pretender". The first thing I realized was just how much I love this song. The second thing was just how impactful seeing images from East and Northeast Los Angeles, which is where I spent much of my youth.

I monitor a Facebook Group "You know your from Eagle Rock if..." and a poster shared the YouTube video. Reading the song title I immediately realized that it had been too long since I had listened to Jackson Browne. I had a similar impression a couple of week's ago when Mr. Browne stepped up to the microphone to front the Eagles in tribute of the passing of Glen Frey as they sang "Take It Easy". This time I acted on the prompting and sat back and was overwhelmed with the desire to take a few days and just stroll through the avenues of Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Atwater, Glendale, Griffith Park, and Elysian Park. SSo if you have a about 5 minutes, then sit back and enjoy Jackson Browne and enjoy the views from my youth.

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah