Treasured Moments W/Tommy

It was a joy dropping in unannounced on Jessica with the hopes of catching Rolf, Poppy, and Tommy playing in the Wymount quad. I was surprised to learn that Tommy came down with a highly transferable viral illness that left the 3 kids quarantined in their little unit. Tommy took his position on Grandpa's lap, while Rolf and Poppy watched Peter Pan.

Tommy loves to play with my magnetic Clic-It glasses and in an effort to distract him I showed him my camera and monopod. Have you ever tried to teach a 2 year old a new word like monopod? None of it made any sense to him, even after I explained that three legs on a camera holder is called a tripod and one leg is a monopod. "Shouldn't that be a unipod?" Jessica asked. We kept going with the theme... unopod... onesypod.... and then we struck on a MommyPa. It has the same feeling, the same amount of syllables, and it uses two words that Tommy knows and loves. To personalize it a little more we made it a "MommyPapa" because they call me Papa. It worked. Tommy loved playing with my MommyPapa.

Being a Grandpa is great fun!!!

Michael Leavitt - Orem, Utah